Advancing the Manufacturing Enterprise

The Lucrum Group helps improve the design, assembly and coordination of complex manufacturing supply chains. Our focus is on engineering-centric industries, such as aerospace and defense, that typically produce a low volume of high-mix products. We leverage global, cross-industry experience gained from working with Fortune 500 manufacturers to start-ups and government agencies, such as the Department of Defense. Our work has helped clients increase sales and decrease costs, in some cases by millions of dollars per year. Our expertise in accelerating the depth and breadth of adoption helps ensure that manufacturing innovations – whether new technologies, processes or products – yield the greatest return on your investment.


Our methodologies gather hidden audience insights that help ensure your innovation creates the greatest value.


We leverage experience across industries, organizations and countries to help you better meet desired outcomes.


Our five stage approach accelerates the depth and breadth of adoption to deliver greater returns on investments.

Need to Accelerate Adoption of Supply Chain Solutions?