Here you’ll find papers written by the Lucrum Group team that cover various aspects of manufacturing supply chains or advanced manufacturing enterprises.

“Supply Chain Interoperability Efforts Missing Key Data”

True manufacturing supply chain interoperability—where the assembly, reconfiguration and reconstitution of supply chains are done with minimal effort, time or cost—can dramatically alter the way that business is done today. Much of the existing research on supply chain interoperability focuses on established trading partners. However, we must consider both the sourcing and connecting processes in order to create true, dynamic supplier networks that can be easily assembled, reconfigured or reconstituted. This paper identifies why this is important, presents key challenges and proposes additional research that is needed to fill in the gaps.

  “Improving Supply Chain Resilience with Network Centric Manufacturing”

In recent decades, the industry has adopted strategies for improving quality, productivity and cost control, but we’ve overlooked the need to improve supply chain resilience – the ability to adapt and thrive in the face of disruption.  The Network Centric Manufacturing (NCM) model offers a solution.