These articles cover concepts, practices and works with contributions by The Lucrum Group team.

   “Implementing Cybersecurity in DoD Supply Chains”

Cybersecurity is not simply a corporate concern; it is a supply chain issue. This report explores how the United States Department of Defense supply chain has responded to the recent Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS) requirement. The results show that supply chain cybersecurity is critical but that the weakest link is the small- to medium-sized firm found in the upstream supply chain. Important recommendations are provided.

   “Recovering the Domestic Aerospace and Defense Industrial Base”

Amid today’s concerns about the health and viability of the U.S. defense industrial base, you may be surprised to learn that there are many capable U.S. manufacturers that simply choose not to work in the aerospace and defense industries. This was one of the findings in a survey by the NDIA’s Manufacturing Division when it recently looked at issues impacting the industrial base.

   “Interagency Pilot Study Evolves to Building Network-centric Supplier Cities”

This article was co-authored with NASA and published in the January/March 2010 issue of Defense Standardization Process Journal (page 25).  The article uses as a foundation a joint NASA and DoD project to demonstrate interagency interoperability of the supply base.  The article goes on to discuss how many of the principles applied in that project can be leveraged to create a new business model for next generation “Supplier Cities.”  This solution has the potential to significantly streamline the assembly and coordination of complex manufacturing supply chains.