Chris Peters has an extensive background in driving the innovation and adoption of manufacturing supply chain solutions. He was co-founder of MetalSite, the world’s first industry-backed manufacturing supply chain hub, funded by five of the country’s largest metals producers. Chris went on to create similar hubs in 20 industries throughout North America, Europe and Asia, fundamentally changing the way that supply chain partners interact. His work in this area has been documented in several books and in publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal to BusinessWeek and IndustryWeek.

Today, Chris works with both commercial and government clients—including the Department of Defense, Fortune 500 manufacturers and start-ups—to tackle advanced manufacturing supply chain issues and address challenges in the defense industrial base. Three significant areas of focus have been supply chain interoperability, cybersecurity for manufacturing operations and accelerating the depth and breadth of innovation adoption. Chris is a speaker and author on smart manufacturing topics and is a contributor to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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