Chris Peters – CEO

Chris Peters has a track record of generating substantial returns for his clients, ranging from Fortune 500 manufacturers to start-ups.  His work has been documented in several books and in publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal to BusinessWeek and Nikkei News.

Today, Chris works with both commercial and government clients—such as the Department of Defense—to design, develop and drive adoption of next-generation manufacturing supply chain solutions.  He created the concept and laid much of the groundwork for “Connecting American Manufacturing,” a project sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the President’s Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Previous accomplishments include co-founding MetalSite, where he developed the concepts and model for the world’s first industry-backed online manufacturing supply chain hub.  The firm exceeded adoption and revenue projections in the first six months and earned his client a $183 million return on a $20 million investment.  This innovative business model, which had as partners five of the nation’s largest metals companies, set the stage for many similar models in other industries world-wide.

As the CEO of eMarket Concepts, an international strategic consulting firm, Chris helped clients develop manufacturing supply chain solutions in more than twenty industries throughout North America, Europe and Asia.  He also launched EM Concepts Asia, a joint venture chaired by the former chairman of Compaq Japan.

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