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  • Manufacturing USA1

    The Missing Link in Our Focus on U.S. Manufacturing

    The increased focus on U.S. manufacturing by government and industry is certainly welcome.  However, it is missing a key element if we are to be truly successful and globally competitive.  Competition today is not about an individual manufacturer in the U.S. competing with an individual …

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  • Head In Sand

    Sourcing Role Overlooked in Supply Chains

    Sourcing organizations should play a key role in assembling a manufacturing supply chain.  After all, the procurement process is where you have the opportunity to assemble suppliers to meet specific supply chain objectives, such as responsiveness, resilience or innovation.  Yet, this is one of the …

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  • Blueprint

    Overcoming Supply Chain Tech Data Challenges

    The exchange of technical data (drawings, models, etc.) is a major stumbling block to U.S. manufacturing supply chain efficiency.  Despite advances in standards and translation technologies, the inability of manufacturers to easily exchange technical data is costing U.S. manufacturers time and money. Some of the …

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  • Red Pencil

    Why Manufacturing Supply Chains Are Different

    When many people hear the term supply chain, they typically think of logistics—moving product from the warehouse or distribution center to the end user.  Manufacturing supply chains start with sourcing materials to make things that then go into the warehouse and distribution center.  This process …

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    Today’s Manufacturing Supply Chain Mess

    Manufacturing was simpler 40 years ago when making a product often took place within the same four walls.  The design team could gather with the manufacturing team, reviewing and revising a common set of technical data.  Production planning was optimized based on capacities, customer needs …

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